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An overview of fitness exercises

There are many types of exercises and more are being added. The exercises can be divided into different categories. So you have  free weights, machines and exercises with your own body weight. Exercises can be further divided into compound and isolation exercises. With compound exercises you target multiple muscle groups at the same time, as is the case with the deadlift. With isolation exercises you focus on one muscle group.

Depending on the training goal and schedule , you can perform different exercises. Below is an overview of various exercises with video explanations from our coaches.

What are fitness exercises?

Fitness exercises are exercises with which you can practice strength sports and thus achieve a certain goal. This allows you to build muscle mass, improve fitness, lose fat or improve your posture and movement. For maximum results it is very important to perform an exercise properly. When an exercise is performed incorrectly, this can be at the expense of your posture and muscle growth, and you can also get nasty injuries in this way . Because it can be quite difficult to handle a good performance, we have here a list of all important fitness exercises with explanations and video!

Benefits fitness

Doing fitness exercises has many health benefits. The main advantages are that you get stronger, learn better posture and it is good for your mental health. Would you like to know more about this topic? View all the benefits of strength training here . Besides the fact that fitness exercises make you stronger, they also ensure that your bones and tendons become a lot firmer. This will make it easier for them to absorb more resistance through habituation. Finally, strength training is also good for your self-confidence and self-image, so that you can feel better about yourself.

Tips for correct implementation

Correct execution is of great importance in every exercise. This is necessary to be able to use the correct muscles and to prevent injuries. When you want to do an exercise that has a difficult execution, it is important to get the right weight. It is sometimes difficult to see for yourself whether the implementation is correct. So ask a sports buddy or someone who works at the gym for help if you are not sure how to do a fitness exercise. If you have a lot of trouble with a certain exercise, you can also choose to do another similar exercise first. For example, first learn the bench press with a Smith machine, before you start working with a loose bar.

Also keep in mind that you are training every muscle group in your training schedule, so do not skip exercises. Otherwise you run the risk of an imbalance in your development.

Types of exercises

There are many types of fitness exercises, so you have exercises that focus on muscle building, strength or muscle endurance. Body weight exercises, or exercises with your own body weight, are often more focused on muscle endurance. Exercises that involve weights are often aimed at increasing strength. Muscle building is often a consequence in both cases and you improve in both cases. The muscle building is optimal with a number of repetitions between 8 and 12 per working set, with an appropriate heavy weight.

You can divide the muscles in your body into different groups and therefore train these groups in a targeted manner; chest, arms, legs, back, stomach and shoulders. These muscle groups also consist of more specific groups, which can be found in our overview at the top of the page.


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