In this report you can read the inspiring story of Jim. He transformed his health and turned the switch.

Jim has lost 20 kilos in 2 months! And the best thing about his story is: his blood values ​​are back to normal and he has also inspired his daughter and wife to lose weight.

Below you can read Jim’ story.

Jim Speaking

I started your lifestyle on January 7th this year, since I will turn 50 on March 13th 2018 and I was fed up with yo-yo for years and it concerns my weight. There are quite a few health problems related to obesity within my family and environment. My dad has had some amputations of the toes recently because of bad veins and also heavy weight, so he hardly moves. I am convinced that the above problems are largely related to poor nutrition. My eyes were (finally) opened and I therefore made an agreement with myself to start living a healthy life, for me and especially my family. Your lifestyle makes me feel fitter every day. More importantly, my daughters and wife are also hooked and the kilos are also flying off with them.

I have to say that I am a fanatic and do not take another gram of sugar until I have reached my final goal, at least there will always be hidden sugars somewhere. Started January 7th with 118 kilos, now 98.0 kilos two months later. And what is more important to me: after a blood test, all values ​​such as cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose are already at a healthy value. And that while during a health survey of my work in December 2017 I had unhealthy values ​​and got the stamp of heavy obesity.

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I am not yet at my final weight, but that just goes without saying while I always feel fitter and a lot of sport and of course adhere to Bernard’s diet and rules. And the tip I can give to be extra motivated: my wife and I bought a fitbit at the start that keeps track of your number of steps, your heart rate and other tricks. Recommended!

From my environment it is of course also noticeable and I am happy to tell your story. I suspect this may have already given you some extra sign-ups which should eventually give the snowball effect as you intend in the story below. And well deserved I would say.

Thanks again ☺

Wow Jim, what a change you have gone through! We at Fitventurous are extremely proud of the results you have already achieved, both in your body and in your mind. We can only say keep it up, because you are doing fantastic.