Today we put Sarah in the spotlight! Sarah tried to lose weight by exercising, but found that eating the right foods had more effect.

She started eating low-carbohydrates according to the guidelines of Fitventurous and has successfully lost weight, has more energy and feels fitter.

What we love about her story is that Sarah no longer feels hungry or hungry. Her hunger hormones are in balance and she can easily stay away from an unhealthy diet. Sarah reports here.

Sarah Speaking

I was often wondering how I could lose some pounds without having the feeling of being on a diet. I didn’t want to spend all day on it. My goal didn’t seem unattainable either: 4 to 5 kilos off. If it becomes 6 or 7, that is included, but not necessary.

I am 43 years old and 1.72 m tall. Until I was 35, I always weighed around 67 kilos. This just seemed to suit me no matter what I did and whatever I ate. In recent years I have never actually been below 70 kilos, it always fluctuated between 71 and 74 kilos. People around me still say: “you don’t need a diet” or “how slim you are”, but I don’t like the change in my body and the extra pounds. Still, I do accept it, because I think your body just changes as you get older (buddy).

I have been working out consistently in the gym for three years, but I find myself getting a lot of appetite when I exercise a lot. I have always been aware of what healthy and less healthy products are, but the temptation was always too great. I was always aware of the carbohydrate story, but carbohydrate-rich products are just addictive and changing this in your own way and in your own way is just difficult. It is normal to always eat carbohydrate-rich products, but with the explanation in the Simple Slim book and plan your insight and awareness will change.

I am still not the type who will strictly adhere to the quantities and will follow a schedule, but I combine myself with all the menus and ingredients and stick to them. Since reading and using the Simple Slim book, I plan so much fun making dishes and eating them that it feels more like a new hobby than diet. People around me don’t always take me seriously and are surprised and sometimes annoyed when I don’t take bread or decline a pastry, which I really don’t want at the time. I explain why, but I get little understanding.

I say, let me, dude, I will not bother anyone with it, I feel good about it! For years I have effortlessly gone from 73.4 kilos to 68.9 kilos in three weeks. Previously, this did not work, despite exercising. Now I also take care of daily movementeging in the form of walking, cycling, hula hoops or running. This does not have to take hours. I feel fit, have energy and am less down at certain times, such as before my period. I have no feeling of hunger and / or a good appetite (a constant feeling of satiety due to the proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates), I can resist all ‘forbidden’ products without difficulty and when I need to eat something in between, I choose the ‘permitted’ products. I also make a lot of smoothies with at least vegetables and water in it, alternated with a little fruit and almond milk / cottage cheese / Greek yogurt; convenient and nutritious at any time.

Handful of nuts / seeds…. tasty and nutritious. My biggest goal is not to lose a lot of weight, that will happen naturally with this new lifestyle, but to learn what food does to your body. You notice the positive effect of good nutrition, because unnoticed you still receive a lot less E numbers etc. I also never feel bloated again, even though I really ate too large a portion. I have also sinned. Once an ice cream at the ice cream parlor; three balls and two days later two more balls (you are sometimes dragged along by other people and then the only one saying, I don’t have to, you don’t always do that) and went out for dinner a number of times. I choose a salad or a piece of meat / fish, but then also eat some fries. I think that should be possible. Recently my friend had brought a delicious Waldkorn pistol from the bakery to please me. I said, I don’t eat any more bread (just listen to me), but I ate it anyway, because it was well meant fromhim and it should be possible.

I like to take the trouble to tell my story, because I am living proof that a healthier life (and therefore losing weight) does not have to be difficult or hard. Nutrition not only affects your weight, but also your mood and your health. Simple Slim helps me to finally get the weight that makes me feel good, and I experience the positive effects on the rest of my body.

It helped me enormously to first read the explanation about how it works in your body, insight and awareness. Something happens in your head that makes it less difficult for you to change your eating habits (head hunger has suddenly almost disappeared); why would I want that bag of crisps or biscuits knowing what it does to your body? Why should I supply my body with harmful E numbers, trans fats and sugars? It just doesn’t make you happy!

Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. You have a great mindset. You just pick up the thread again after eating a few sandwiches or an ice cream. A big round of applause for you!